The Brothellian Manifesto - NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

This potent document offers advice, encouragement and the tools - building upon the guiding principles of Brothellian Ideology - to achieve your creative ambitions.

"Ultimately, we envisage a society where the quill or the sketchbook holds as much sexual potency as the electric guitar; where the illustrator or poet is as much of a sex symbol as the rock star."

Conceived by Timothy Grayson & Steven Silverman of the English Brothellian Movement, the Brothellian Manifesto was written and edited during the tumultuous year of global revolution (2011). This truly is a product for our time; a lewd body of practical advice for the modern working artist.

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Jan 16. 12 Notes.

NWM Tuesday Lectures & Brothellian Masterclass

Leicester City, England. 

TUESDAY LECTURES (7th, 14th 21st & 28th February 2012)
11:00 - 12:00

Cultural Ambassador Timothy Grayson will be hosting a series of public lectures (in partnership with his private series at the University of Leicester) to unite artistic dissidents and illuminate the teachings of the Brothellian Movement.

The import and necessity of taste wll be covered, as will historical and contemporary methodology, discussing aesthetic principles and an exploration of the three tenets of great art (as clarified in the Brothellian Manifesto - co-created with Steven Silverman). Each lecture is structured to include audience participation, so attendees are encouraged to think for themselves, make notes and speak up during discussions.

Guest appearances will include speeches and/or discussions with various creative experts from a range of fields - not just artistic! Perfect for creative and philosophic minds, especially those interested in igniting the fires of a new cultural renaissance.

Lectures: £5.00 / Student: £3.00. 


Timothy Grayson will also be hosting a Brothellian Masterclass following each lecture - subject to demand - developed during his US tour and tailored especially for patrons of New Walk Museum. During this time, participants will be given the definitive chance to explore the teachings of the Brothellian Manifesto in depth with meticulous discussion and a wide range of practical techniques. 

Each attendee will aso be awarded with a certificate to prove they have been given a solid introduction to the Brothellian ideal. Please note, these certificates are LIMITED EDITION and will ONLY be available for attendees of Timothy Grayson’s ‘Brothellian Masterclass’ at New Walk Museum.

Masterclass: £10.00 / Student: £8.00.

NYM event listing:

Facebook event listing:

Jan 05. 2 Notes.

Whilst in America, I performed to strippers, gave seminars to lecturers and published authors, delivered speeches to Cuban revolutionaries, was interviewed for a documentary on Jack Kerouac, and a hell of a lot more (as you can see from the photographs!) So ladies and gentlemen, we’re pleased to announce that this tour was a resounding success - and as the jet lag finally settles down, I’m glad to announce we’re back, safe and sound in the UK. 

The day after we arrived into Heathrow, Elliott jetted over to Paris for a four-day filming extravaganza.  He occasionally updates his Tumblr with screenshots, photographs, philosophic thoughts and extracts from his creative journal.  You can follow him here.

The week after we arrived, I was offered the opportunity to deliver a series of public lectures and seminars at New Walk Museum, Leicester.  I occasionally update my Tumblr with articles, poetry, fragments of conversation, paintings and other things that catch my eye.  You can follow me here.

"But wait - is that it for the Poetry Whore on Tour?"

Did Shelley abandon his ideals?  Did Byron retire to live a comfortable life?  Did Blake regain his innocence?  Hell no!

The footage will be collated to form the basis of a short tour rockumentary (as is Ells’ preferred style!)  Keep checking back for updates as to when this will be released.  After this, who knows…maybe we’ll tour near you!

Thank you to everybody who donated for making this tour a reality.  Donations are still being accepted for all future ambitions, so the donation link is still up and running, and will be for the foreseeable future. 

Oct 25. 24 Notes.

Photo Blog 16/10/2011

All images copyright Elliott Swinburn.

Giving a speech on the Brothellian Manifesto, Zona Libre, Chicago IL.

Posing after discussing the Brothellian principles with this composer, Zona Libre, Chicago IL.

Trying [in vain] to get some private time with this *cough* beautiful painting… Zona Libre, Chicago IL.

Signing a poster after the speech, Zona Libre, Chicago IL.

Oct 17. 5 Notes.

Photo Blog 15/10/2011

All images copyright Elliott Swinburn.


Spreading the word of the Brothellian Movement, Pilsen (Lower West Side), Chicago, IL.


A work of art born through outstanding commitment to the tenets of Craft, Talent and Imagination, Pilsen (Lower West Side), Chicago, IL.


 Spreading the Brothellian word at Zona Libre, a revolutionary arts hub in Pilsen, Chicago, IL.


Discussing how this prophetical, golden chainsaw can represent the struggle of mankind over the evils of consumerist culture (or simply mocking conceptual art), Hinge Gallery, Chicago, IL.


Discussing how this golden snowblower could represent the futility of the human condition, and that with an open mind (and an open heart), every individual could rediscover one’s humanity (or simply mocking conceptual art), Hinge Gallery, Chicago, IL.

Oct 16. 3 Notes.

Poetry Whore on Tour - Adopting Chicago’s Culture 14/10/2011

Oct 14. 5 Notes.

Photo blog (Phlog!) 12/10/2011

All images copyright Elliott Swinburn.

Talking to camera from Kathleen & Martin’s apartment, Chicago, IL (screenshot)
At the launch of Need for Speed: The Run, Uptown Chicago, IL (screenshots)
Seminar on the Brothellian Manifesto, Chicago, IL (screenshot)

Oct 13. 5 Notes.

Poetry Whore on Tour - Entering Chicago 11/10/2011

Oct 13. 3 Notes.

Photo blog 11/10/2011

Interview on the Brothellian Manifesto, Downtown Chicago, IL
(All images copyright Elliott Swinburn).

Oct 12. 2 Notes.
On the Greyhound bus, taken by the guys from - 11/10/2011

On the Greyhound bus, taken by the guys from - 11/10/2011

Oct 11. 5 Notes.
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